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Custom Branded Food & Hygiene Paper Products

We offer a wide range of custom branded food packaging products and solutions for the grocery, bakery, food service, and food processing industries.

At MPI Papermills, we can create your wax paper product from scratch, just right to meet your specifications. MPI Papermills is vertically integrated, meaning we provide the finished product you’re looking for; we wax, sheet and print in order to customize it into exactly what you need.

Wax paper products to meet your specifications.

MPI Papermills manufactures quality, value-added paper products to suit your exact specifications. From white and natural kraft, to custom colours and printing, we have the wax paper solution for you.

Looking for a domestic supply source? Get shorter runs ready for pickup when you need them.

If you find you have tied up too much cash in multi-container orders to international suppliers, we can help you turn and earn on your inventory, and free up your cash.

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