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  •  Office:
    3950 14th Ave Unit 201 Markham ON L3R 0A9 CA
  • Mill: 200, Rue du Moulin, Portneuf, QC


Employees with integrity, perseverance, and compassion are welcome to apply for roles at the paper mill in Portneuf, Quebec or with the Administrative Team in Markham, Ontario.

MPI Staff

Since 1975, we have counted on our diverse team of employees to help us grow to become one of North America’s premier paper producers. In fact, our paper mill in Portneuf, Quebec has been an employer of Canadians since 1868 - one of the longest runs by any Canadian Enterprise. Since acquired and rebranded as MPI Papermills in 2003, the Portneuf Mill has been the hub of MPI Tissue Group.

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Apply for opportunities available at MPI Papermills in Portneuf or the administrative team in Markham for a rewarding career.

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Existing MPI Employees

Get the latest employee news as well as new employee training materials via the MPI Employee portal.

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Our Values

We at MPI Papermills emphasize values such as integrity, perseverance, and compassion. As a family management team, we are always looking for new, innovative ways to improve and diversify the business. We also place great emphasis on and continue to invest in the health and safety of our staff members.

We ask our entire MPI family of employees to embody a growth mindset: push the boundaries, embrace entrepreneurship, and cultivate personal growth - for self and for others. Most importantly, however, we ask all of our team members to value the health and safety of those around them.

All of our employees at MPI Papermills, both in Portneuf and in Markham, are essential to the paper supply chain in North America. We sincerely appreciate the work our employees put forth to help keep the paper supply chain intact.

Find out how MPI Papermills can help streamline your paper to and from your business.

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