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  •  Office: 3950 14th Ave., Unit 201, Markham, ON
  • Mill: 200, Rue du Moulin, Portneuf, QC

Why MPI Papermills is the Right Choice

For over 40 years, MPI Papermills has built and operated our business with the fuel of entrepreneurship, dedicated to great client service and the production of quality paper products.

With our family values embedded in our business, we choose to partner with companies that promote growth and development of their businesses and people in an ethically and morally sound manner.

We're Efficient & Adaptable

As a family business, we operate with a flat hierarchy, enabling quick decision making and execution of strategy ensuring that we and our customers are moving on the correct path forward – YOU have access to the Right People!

We are a solution-oriented company: we work closely with our customers and leverage our long standing relationships with vendors to solve problems that meet the needs of our customers.

We're Committed To Continuous Improvement

We believe that we're great at what we do, but we can always be better.

That's why we're committed to making investments to improve our business platform – for the growth and development of our business, and that of our customers.

We're Committed To The Environment

At MPI, we're strongly committed to recycling. We want to leave behind a safe & clean environment for our children in the future, and a safe and healthy environment for our employees now. 

Family Owned & Operated for 40+ Years

MPI Papermills is a family owned company operating since 1975.

Though our name has recently changed, our commitment to our core values of quality, consistency, and loyalty has never wavered. LEARN MORE »

Our Mission

It is the mission of MPI Papermills to be North America's leading boutique paper mill. Offering integrated solutions that solve supply chain interruptions without ever becoming a competitor.

It is our commitment to be responsive and collaborative in overcoming the challenges and supply chain concerns of our customers with exemplary service.

It is our commitment to remain loyal to our vendors, to produce quality and consistent product for our customers as well as to provide a safe, health and enabling environment for our team members; one that fosters both entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Our Core Values

  • Quality Products
  • Consistency in Process
  • Loyalty to our Customers, Employees, Vendors and Partners
  • Safety First
  • Environmental Stewardship

Our Comprehensive Services

We offer an adaptable and customizable range of paper converting and manufacturing services that will get you the paper products you need, whatever stage of the process you're in. Learn More »

Find out how MPI Papermills can help streamline your paper to and from your business.

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