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  •  Office: 3950 14th Ave., Unit 201, Markham, ON
  • Mill: 200, Rue du Moulin, Portneuf, QC

Contract Manufacturing Tissue Paper for Food Service & Hospitality Industries

Our vertically integrated solution ensures a complete production line of tissue, and wax papers in quantities that work for your warehouse.

At MPI Papermills, we contract manufacture for market leaders within our industry without the threat of competition. We do not produce for or sell to distribution channels in the marketplace, and so as a result, we can become your solution in an oversold position.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Whatever the size of your project, we'll take it on. Our Portneuf Quebec facility is built to adapt to your project needs, efficiently and on-demand.

Filling in the Gaps of your Production Bottleneck

We provide outsourced tissue paper manufacturing to your specifications, and can engage at any stage in the process. 

Tissue Manufacturing from Start to Finish

Our vertically integrated operation means we can step in at any stage of the process, or we can work with you from start to finish. We can take back your tissue waste and provide you with jumbo parent roles, or with a finished product.

Outsourcing That Works For You, Not Against You

We won't compete with you! You and other companies like you are our client base, so you can rest assured we're on your team, and a part of your vertically integrated supply chain.

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Find out how MPI Papermills can help streamline your paper to and from your business.

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