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Slitting & Rewinding Services to Manage Your Manufacturing Surplus

MPI Papermills offers a complete turn key slitting and rewinding service for those customers who have excess parent rolls of paper that need to be trimmed down to various sizes.

We can work with rolls as large as 154” wide and 84” diameters and trim down to 8” wide and 55” diameters on 3” cores. We bale the waste and can purchase it from our customers, or return it to our customers for resale or reuse. Cores from the initial parent rolls can also be returned. All elements of the process are dealt with in a professional and environmentally responsible manner. 

We'll Fill The Gap In Your Production Line

When your rewinder goes down, it can be hard to get caught up. That's where we come in. We can step in to fill the gaps in your slitting and rewinding process when they arise, and it will be like your machine never went down.

Have Unique Specifications For Your Paper?

If you're a broker or paper merchant looking to customize your overruns, look no further. We'll help you manage your entire job lot inventory, and prepare it as if it was made to order.

Green, Cost Effective Services

After a run, we separate the parent roll cores and bale any excess. You can either keep it, or we'll buy it from you; either way, it's not going to the landfill. It's just the right thing to do, and it'll save you money in every step of the process.

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